Breast reduction

Breast reduction surgery, or decrease in breast size, is indicated for women who wish to be relieved of the weight of an excessively large breast.

This intervention is very effective: The day after the intervention, back pain and neck pain are relieved. In the following weeks, dressing gets a lot easier. After a few months, when the breasts take their final shape, the aesthetic appearance of the breast is much better and the morale too! In my experience, all patients who have had this surgery would do it again if it had to be done again.

How does it actually work?
We see each other in consultation to assess your expectations and discover the morphology of your breasts. We define together the volume objective to be achieved that will best match your silhouette. During the consultation, I also collect your medical history, treatments, allergies, etc. See the article “first consultation for surgery”

To know: Weight and breast surgery
This intervention gives its best results “at constant weight”. The breast is made up of gland but also fat and it is sensitive to weight changes. If you want to lose weight or your weight is not currently stable, it is better to postpone the procedure to obtain an optimal result. Likewise, to minimize the risk of complications, this procedure is not recommended to patients with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 30.
Therefore, I may need to offer you prior nutritional monitoring to reach your healthy body weight before considering surgery.

The intervention lasts on average 2h30 under general anesthesia and takes place during a short stay at the clinic (one night). Usually I do not put drains, but if necessary they are removed before you are discharged.
Find the technical details on the SOFCPRE sheet: :

Postoperative effects
Showering is possible the day after surgery. After returning home, nursing care is necessary for 15 days to 3 weeks. You must wear the underwire support bra prescribed in consultation for 6 weeks day and night, and compression socks for 15 days during the day.
You may need yo cease work for 15 days to 3 weeks.
We see each other again for a follow-up consultation 3 to 4 weeks after the surgery.
The shape of the breast changes during the first 6 months and the scars during 1 year before obtaining the final result.

You are considering breast reduction: what can you do to optimize the results of the procedure?
Before: reach your weight goal, maintain regular physical activity, hydrate the skin. Quit smoking.
After: at the end of the local treatments, massage, moisturize and protect the scars from the sun throughout the first year.

Social security coverage:
Breast reduction is covered by social security if the weight to be removed is greater than 300 grams per breast. This corresponds to approximately two bra cups.
In this case, only the excess fees remain the responsibility of the patient, and they can be covered by the mutual.

If there is not enough quantity to remove, we end up in the situation of a breast lift (or mastopexy)..

Pricing :
1200 to 1600€, on estimate

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