The follow-up

After surgery, once your stay at the Pasteur Clinic is over, you go home for a well-deserved convalescence. We support you throughout the process.

After surgery: the next appointment
In the days that follow, you contact Alexandra to set up the first check-up appointment. The amount of time depends on the intervention carried out.

Compression garments
For breast surgery, you can pick up your compression garment from a pharmacy after the surgery, with your new measurements.

In case of certain procedures such as liposuction or nymphoplasty, the simple treatements you can perform them yourself. The more technical dressings are made by a nursing team at your home, every day or every other day depending on your organization.
Do not forget: the shower is authorized and recommended, without the dressings, from the day after the intervention.
If necessary, the healthcare team can contact the practice by calling Alexandra or by sending me an e-mail.

In case of emergency: call us!
In case of doubt or immediate emergency, contact 15.
You or your healthcare team can contact us by calling the practice at: 05 61 12 53 72, and in the evenings and at weekends, contact the reception of the Pasteur Clinic at 05 62 21 31 31.
Keep the email contact or the contact form for non-urgent questions: the response time may be a few days.

After that…
I see you regularly in consultation until the result stabilizes.
For women with breast implants, I recommend annual monitoring which can be alternated with your gynecologist.

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