The pre-surgical consultation

That’s it, you have made your decision and we have set a date for the surgery: we will meet again in the month before surgery for a second consultation. The purpose of this one is to review the situation, answer your questions, settle administrative questions and prepare the post-surgical follow-up.

I will answer to all your questions:
I advise you to prepare a list of questions that you have thought about, so that I can answer them, we tend to forget everything when walking through the door of the office!
We review together the progress of your stay at the Pasteur Clinic.

Results of additional tests
I review your latest test results and confirming that we are in the right conditions to perform surgery on you.

We prepare the essentials
I give you a bridging document to bring to the anesthesia consultation (which we try to schedule the same day), where you sign the consent for the intervention.
Together with Alexandra, our secretary, we give you the prescriptions so that you can already get the dressings, the medication and the compressing garments; as well as the convocation for entry to the clinic.

You can settle all the formalities
You countersign your estimate: remember to take it with you.
If you wish, you can pay on site the fees for the surgery (if you pay by credit card, remember to have the ceiling adjusted if necessary)..

A question about your stay at the Clinic?
Alexandra and I can answer a large part of your questions, for the rest you can directly contact the guest relations department of Pasteur Clinic:
Do not hesitate to consult the clinic’s website for more information; in particular, you will put together your pre-admission file online.

Directrice de la publication

Docteur Hélène Le Gall
18 Place Esquirol, 31000 Toulouse

SIRET 84891116000028

Mentions légales de l'Ordre des Médecins

Inscription à l’ordre des médecins du département 31 (Haute-Garonne)

Identifiant RPPS : 10100832640

Discipline exercée : Chirurgie plastique reconstructrice et esthétique

Consultez l’annuaire officiel du Conseil National de l’Ordre des Médecins

Convention : secteur 2 (honoraires libres)

Devis réalisés pour les interventions sous anesthésie générale

Les praticiens se remplacent au sein du cabinet concernant les éventuelles urgences post-opératoires, en cas d’absence, au sein de la clinique Pasteur

Assureur : Cabinet Branchet

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Publication manager

Doctor Hélène Le Gall
18 Place Esquirol, 31000 Toulouse

SIRET 84891116000028

Legal notice from the Medical Board

Registration with the Medical Board of department 31 (Haute-Garonne)

RPPS ID: 10100832640

Practiced discipline : Reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery

Consult the official directory of the National Council of the Medical Association

Agreement: sector 2 (free fees)

Estimate made for procedures under general anesthesia

At the Pasteur clinic, practitioners replace each other within the practice regarding any post-operative emergencies, in the event of absence

Insurer: Branchet Office

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