Breast augmentation with prostheses

Breast augmentation surgery with prostheses, or the placement of breast prostheses, is indicated for women with a small breast (mammary hypoplasia), or wishing to increase the size. It can also be associated with a breast lift (mastopexy) and the placement of breast implants is sometimes necessary to obtain a good result, in particular in the treatment of the after-effects of weight loss.

In practice
In consultation we assess together your wishes and the existing possibilities according to your morphology. I also collect your medical history (see “first consultation surgery”). We take photographs for your medical record. You do volume tests using suitable external prostheses, which allow you to see the result for yourself. I also create a 3D simulation of your body without and with the chosen prostheses, we can simulate several sizes if you are unsure. The Crisalix 3D solution allows you to view a simulation of the result, the link to this simulation is sent to you so that you can show it to your loved ones if you wish.
We choose together the volume, the position and the implant placement scar.
I will inform you in detail about the postsurgical follow-up (see “first surgical consultation”).
An estimate is sent to you.
If you have made up your mind, we settle the date of the surgery and schedule the pre-surgical appointment (see “the pre-surgical consultation”).

Additional tests
A breast imaging check up is recommended in the 6 months preceding the procedure, to make sure that all is well with the breasts before the surgery. I will prescribe a mammogram or an ultrasound at the first consultation, remember to send me the results or bring them back during the presurgical consultation. Link for “pre-surgical consultation”.

Weight and surgery
The breast is made up of fat and gland and is subject to variations in volume depending on your weight. It is therefore advisable to maintain a constant weight for a stable result over time.

The intervention lasts 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes, usually during an outpatient hospitalization. In most cases I do not put drains, otherwise we meet the next day in consultation to remove them.

Postoperative effects
You go home with a covering bandage that maintains well and will be removed the next day at your home by a nurse. The compression bra can be purchased the next day with your new measurements and will be worn for 6 weeks. Shower is authorized the next day when you no longer have the dressings. Care continues for about 15 days.
An interruption of your professional activity of 10 to 15 days is recommended. It is difficult to drive during the first week.
Thereafter, baths are not recommended the first month and you can resume sporting activity from 2 months after the surgery. Then, all activities are allowed without restriction (including air travel, scuba diving, parachuting …).
The result is visible immediately, but changes again throughout the first year.. Patience !
Find details on the SOFCPRE information sheet, or during the consultation :

Breast implants and pregnancy, breastfeeding
The presence of breast implants does not interfere with a future pregnancy, you can also breastfeed if you wish. Simply the breast changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as for non-operated breasts.

Social security coverage
Breast augmentation with prostheses can be covered in three situations:
– mammary hypoplasia: cup smaller than A, difference between chest circumference, measured under the breast, and chest circumference, measured at the tip of the breasts less than 4cm. Sheet of the Social Security :
– breast asymmetry: if one breast is smaller than the other and this requires compensation in the bra.. Sheet of the Social Security :
– malformations, in particular tuberous breasts Please understand that in this case only the placement of implants or reduction is supported, this is not the case for the associated procedures that may be necessary for a good result (breast lift or mastopexy, plasty of the gland).
If your intervention is covered by social security, you will still be responsible for the fee surcharge of the surgery, which your mutual insurance company can cover. In this case I will establish an estimate for you to send to your mutual.

What can I do to improve the result?
Before the procedure: Moisturize the skin of the breasts, protect yourself from the sun and quit smoking.
After : wear the bra for the time indicated, massage and protect the scars from the sun.

Is it dangerous to have breast implants? ?
The most common complications are the appearance of a fibrous capsule and the rupture of the implant. Find all the information on the SOFCPRE file and during the consultation.
In my practice, I recommend an annual follow-up in consultation, which can be alternated with your gynecologist, and from the 7th anniversary of the implantation, an ultrasound every year to monitor the wear of the implants.
The implants that I am currently placing are of the MOTIVA (FDA approval) and ARION (French laboratory) brands : ;

Pricing :
€ 3,800 on average, on estimate.
The price of implants is the same regardless of the volume chosen.

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