First consultation for plastic surgery (cosmetic or reconstructive)

It is the keystone of your care, it allows us to get to know each other, to establish a relationship of trust, to understand your expectations.
I collect your history (medical, surgical, previous treatments …), I examine your morphology and your peculiarities, which we analyze together. We take photographs for your medical record.
All this allows us to offer you a treatment planadapted to the technical possibilities and your desires. Depending on the intervention, I can show you a 3D simulation of the possible result – see the 3D simulation page -.

Once we have chosen the treatment that suits you, an important part is devoted to information. We are detailing the technique we use, post-operative effects, expected result, and the most frequent complications. The SOFCPRE information sheet corresponding to the planned, personalized intervention is given to you. You can find these sheets here: :
A detailed estimate will be given to you at the end of the consultation.

The first consultation lasts an average of 30 minutes, during which time we focus on the topic that is most important to you. If you want to treat several areas, it may be necessary to devote a consultation to each, in this case we will schedule another appointment.

At the end of the consultation, if you have made your decision and if there are no test results or administrative procedures that require additional time, we can book an intervention date according to your schedule. and available slots. Then, we fix a second consultation appointment in the month preceding the surgery – see “Pre-surgical consultation” -.
If you need time to think, we give you all our contact information so that you can contact us in order to set the operative date: you then contact Alexandra at the secretariat who will fix with you the date of the intervention and organize the sequel.

Documents to provide
– Healthcare card (whatever the level of care, it allows to create and add to your medical file)
– Letter from your attending physician if you consult as part of the coordinated health care circuit, you will be better reimbursed if you follow the care circuit
– A summary of your medical history and any treatments you have already undertaken
– The test results relating to the area concerned, think in particular of the results of the last mammogram for breast procedures
– Valid certificate if you benefit from The Aide complémentaire santé (ACS) or Basic Universal Health-Care Coverage (C2S, former CMU).

Pricing and Care
The price of the consultation is currently set at € 75.
Possible means of payment at the office: cash, credit card.
Depending on the reason for the consultation, this consultation may be covered by social security and mutual insurance. Part of the excess fees may remain at your expense.
Cosmetic surgery consultations are not covered by social security or complementary organisations and the consultation will be charged to you.
Patients benefiting from ACS and C2S benefit from conventional tariffs from the social security, and third-party payment if they present their healthcare card.

In practice :
At 18 place Esquirol, ring the Aesthetic Surgery Office, we are on the 1st floor, there is no elevator,
– You arrive 5 minutes before the meeting time,
– Alexandra welcomes you at the secretariat, creates your medical file and your Ordoclic space (secure document exchange space) with your Healthcare Card,
– You wait in the waiting room,
– I receive you in consultation, I open your file with the Healthcare Card, (the general course of the examination),
– If necessary, you go back to the secretariat to fix the next appointment.

Frequently asked Questions :
– Is Dr Le Gall going to remove my mole today ?
No surgery in the office: the skin lesions will be removed at a next appointment.
– How can I pay for my consultation ?
By credit card or cash, we no longer accept payment by check.
– I forgot my doctor’s letter, will I be reimbursed less?
You will be reimbursed optimally only if you follow the coordinated health care, send us your doctor’s letter as soon as possible, by post or Ordoclic.
– What is Ordoclic ?
It is a secured space for exchanging confidential medical data: prescriptions, test results… It avoids, if possible, the exchange of confidential data by e-mail, which is not secure. It is created using your social security number.
– I have given careful thought, I have decided, how do we set a surgery date ?
You contact Alexandra, ideally by phone, who will find the most suitable time with you and suggest a pre-surgical appointment (see dedicated article).

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SIRET 84891116000028

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RPPS ID: 10100832640

Practiced discipline : Reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery

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