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Dr Hélène Le Gall

Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery


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You can book online on Doctolib. If the reason for your consultation is not available, contact us directly.
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Dr Hélène Le Gall
Last update : 24.05.2023 11h

This website has been designed to introduce you to my practice of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery and to provide you with useful information if you are considering surgery. Please take the time to go through it and do not hesitate to book an appointment, even if you only have questions.

My vision for the practice

My daily priority is to better understand your expectations and to use my expertise in plastic surgery to advise you on the best care strategy, using all the techniques adapted to your situation. My goal is not to perform surgery on you at all costs but to understand your needs in order to best meet your expectations and to limit the risks of complications or disappointment linked to surgery that is not indicated or not adapted.
In order to do this, two consultations are proposed :
The first aims to get to know each other, to identify your expectations and to offer you a care project as well as an estimate so that you can think about it with a cool head.
The second allows to validate together the rest of the details of the care program , to perform the injections (for aesthetic medicine), to consult the results of the pre-surgical investigations, to confirm the date of the surgery and the terms of payment.

I personally undertake to support you throughout your journey, including after surgery.

My expertise


Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery concerns all surface tissue, from head to toe, especially the skin. It helps to rebuild and repair damage caused by time, life events (pregnancy for example). It can also be used to correct elements considered unsightly and improve aesthetic appearance for better physical and mental comfort.

I am specialised in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery of the face as well as in certain non-invasive treatements of aesthetic medicine which make it possible to limit the effects of skin aging and improve the aesthetics of the face: botox or hyaluronic acid injections…

After the medical exam, I can also recommend additional techniques carried out by a dermatologist colleague : peels, laser...



I put my expertise in surgery and aesthetic medicine at your service for you to receive individualised information so that you can make an informed choice concerning the most suitable technique, the result that can be expected, its advantages and its disadvantages, as well as the risks.

In order to offer you a quality service, to support you in your decision, I kitted myself out with the cutting-edge 3D simulation technology, created by CRISALIX, which will allow you to project yourself and answer all the essential questions that you will ask during the appointment.

You will be able to discover the analysis of your silhouette, in particular breast asymmetry; as well as possible changes, all taking into account your physical characteristics.

3D Before / After

Laser UrgoTouch

I consider your scar to be an integral part of the final result of your surgery. I therefore propose you benefit from the UrgoTouch® laser, an innovative treatment allowing optimization of your biologic response to obtain the best possible looking scar. This laser system is totally automatic, safe, and is used in a single application in the operating room, in a painless way. 12000 patients have already benefited from the clinically proven efficacy of the UrgoTouch®.

My articles

Discover my articles on the stages of your surgical adventure and on the different types of methods.

Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. This section is progressively enriched thanks to your contribution.

My advice

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Hydrate yourself and your skin

Drink enough water and unsweetened drinks regularly. Apply a moisturizer to the skin once or twice a day after cleansing.

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Protect yourself from the sun

Avoid prolonged direct exposure, cover up and regularly apply total sunscreen protection (UVA / UVB) factor 50 to exposed areas.

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You should not smoke

or you should stop smoking as soon as possible. If needed, ask for help to your doctor or a tobacco addiction specialist, there are many methods available to help you in this difficult process.


Docteur Hélène Le Gall
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