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You will find here the answers to the most frequently asked questions, a section progressively enriched by your contributions.

Yes, for the first consultation. After that, for a better organization, it is Alexandra, our secretary, who will give you the following meetings You can contact her by phone or email.
Same for care appointments ( in particular for injections in aesthetic medicine) : contact Alexandra.

First consultation for surgery or aesthetic medicine: € 75
Follow-up consultation: included in the price of the surgery
Routine consultation: € 30
Surgery: on estimate

More details on the Pricing page

By credit card or cash, we no longer accept payment by check.

You will be reimbursed optimally only if you follow the coordinated health care circuit, send us your doctor’s letter as soon as possible, by post or Ordoclic.

You contact Alexandra, ideally by phone, who will find the most suitable time with you and suggest a pre-surgical appointment (see dedicated article).

Before surgery: at least 2
After surgery: on average 3 follow-up appointments in the first year, then it depends on the needs
In aesthetic and anti-aging medicine: a first check-up consultation, then the injection sessions (one or more, followed by a check-up / touch-ups if necessary)

With some exceptions, no. The first consultation is dedicated to the assessment: we focus on your morphology and your wishes, we establish a treatment plan, a 3D simulation and an estimate. We make an appointment for the injection sessions.

No surgery in the office: the skin lesions will be removed at a next appointment.

I do surgery at the Pasteur Clinic, in Toulouse. A state-of-the-art technical platform, competent and friendly teams, comfortable hotels Everything for surgery in the best conditions!

Two sites: the main building (gate 1, 45 av. De Lombez) and the outpatient building (Atrium gate 40, rue de la petite Vitesse).

Find all the information on the clinic’s website : https://www.clinique-pasteur.com/

Yes, if your intervention is covered by social security.
As part of cosmetic surgery, you will need to take leave.

More details on the Pricing page.

Call us to postpone the surgery, it is essential to have stopped your smoking at least one month before the surgery. This allows to divide by 5 the risk of complications, to optimize the healing and the result.
It is better to postpone your procedure rather than take avoidable risks. Get help from your attending physician, a tobacco specialist, the pulmonologists from the Pasteur Clinic… https://www.tabac-info-service.fr/je-trouve-un-tabacologue

Before surgery: Moisturize the skin, protect yourself from the sun and quit smoking.
After : wear the bra for the time indicated, massage and protect the scars from the sun.

Please see the file for each surgery for more information.

The file is not yet created? ? Please look on https://www.sofcpre.fr/mieux-vous-informer/domaines-intervention.html

The most common complications are the appearance of a fibrous capsule and the rupture of the implant. Find all the information on the SOFCPRE file and during the consultation. https://www.sofcpre.fr/src/mieux-vous-informer/domaines-intervention/15-protheses-mammaires-et-hypoplastie-seins.pdf

In my practice, I recommend an annual follow-up in consultation, which can be alternated with your gynecologist, and from the 7th anniversary of the implantation, an ultrasound every year to monitor the wear of the implants.

The implants that I am currently placing are of the MOTIVA (FDA approval) and ARION (French laboratory) brands :
https://www.motivaimagine.ch/fr/accueil ; https://laboratoires-arion.fr/implants-mammaires/faq

The price of implants is the same regardless of the volume chosen.

Yes, at the end of hospitalization, if your intervention is covered. In the case of cosmetic surgery, it will be at your expense.


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