The fees are adapted to each situation. Some interventions may be partially covered by social security. For more information, contact your social security fund and / or your mutual health insurance directly.


First consultation for surgery or aesthetic medicine: € 75
Follow-up consultation: included in the price of the surgery
Routine consultation: € 30

Surgical Procedures

Intervention under local anesthesia: from € 75 to € 2,000

Intervention under general anesthesia covered by social security: from € 800 to € 3,000

Intervention under general anesthesia not covered by social security: from € 1,200 to € 7,000

– The surgeon’s fees for the surgical procedure, post-operative follow-up at the clinic (visits, discharge orders, administrative work) but also after returning  home, follow-up consultations (during the first fifteen days, then billed at the social security rate for the interventions which are covered)

– The fees of the anesthetist, which will be detailed to you during the pre-anesthetic consultation prior to any surgery under general or loco-regional anesthesia

– The hospitalization package paid to the clinic for nursing care, equipment (dressings, medicines), hotels (accommodation, meals), maintenance of the structure …

– Implantable medical devices when there are any (eg: breast prostheses)

– Fees for the anesthesia consultation

– Post-surgical compression garments, with the exception of abdominal belts.

– Remote consultations or for another reason

– For aesthetic interventions or not covered by social security (these different elements are reimbursed by social security for interventions covered) :

  • Biological or imaging examinations required preoperatively
  • The interruption of your professional activity may be necessary, plan to take time off because no sick leave can be issued to you
  • Materials for dressings, medication
  • The care provided by the home nurse
  • Post-surgical compression garments (bra, panty, bodysuit)

Depending on the complexity of the treatment: technicality of the intervention, foreseeable complexity of the post-surgical follow-up.

Part of the costs and fees generated by the intervention, treatment and related consultations may in certain cases be covered by your social security fund.

It is sometimes necessary to request a prior agreement from the social security medical advisor for this, when the conditions are met. 

Please note that your surgeon is technically unable to request reimbursement if the criteria defined by social security are not met. 

When the intervention is covered by social security, your mutual insurance company can pay you additional support according to terms provided for in your contract. On your request, the secretariat will provide you with an estimate that you can send to your mutual insurance company to estimate the amount of the coverage.
Advice: for non-urgent interventions, in order to reduce the remaining amount to be paid, you can consider changing the contract with your mutual insurance company to increase your coverage.

In general, when social security does not cover the intervention, neither does the mutual, but this can vary depending on the contracts. 

Do not hesitate to inquire directly with the insurance company on which you depend (social security, mutual insurance).


  • Breast reconstruction
  • Breast reduction if quantity to be removed estimated at more than 300g per breast
  • Treatment of asymmetry or malformation of the breast
  • Gynecomastia with presence of mammary gland
  • interventions planned as part of a protocolized care course (ex: CHRONIC ILLNESS not listed): mastectomy, breast augmentation

SOMETIMES (after request for prior agreement or protocol of care, subject to the agreement of the medical advisor)

    • Breast augmentation for breast aplasia (cup smaller than A)
    • Correction of protruding ears if significant social discomfort
    • Weight loss effects on the stomach, buttocks, arms, thighs
    • Upper blepharoplasty (eyelids) with repercussions on the visual field


  • Mastopexy (breast lift) with or without increase in volume, including in the case of after-effects of slimming and breast symmetrization after cancer
  • Upper bodylift
  • Thoracoplasty for adipomastia (gynecomastia without mammary gland) or weight loss after-effects
  • Cosmetic surgery: facelift, rhinoplasty, cosmetic breast augmentation, liposuction, abdominoplasty without apron …
  • Injections for aesthetic purposes (botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid, fillers, etc.)


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