To request an appointment, please contact the secretariat directly at the number below.

In case of an urgent or confused situation, please contact the secretariat. Outside working hours, contact the reception of the Pasteur Clinic at 05 62 21 31 31, or refer to the instructions given to you.

This form only allows you to contact the practice for making an appointment.
These messages are not read in real-time and are not a way to ask for medical advice. The reception adress is not secured and therefore, the information entered here could be read by a third party.


Docteur Hélène Le Gall
18 Place Esquirol, 31000 Toulouse

SIRET 84891116000028

Legal notice from the Medical Board

Registration with the Medical Board of department 31 (Haute-Garonne)

RPPS ID: 10100832640

Practiced discipline : Reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery

Consult the official directory of the National Council of the Medical Association

Agreement: sector 2 (free fees)

Estimate made for procedures under general anesthesia

At the Pasteur clinic, practitioners replace each other within the practice regarding any post-operative emergencies, in the event of absence

Insurer: Branchet Office

GDPR / Personal data

No personal data is collected

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